INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER/Embedded SBC Mini Complete System
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Product specifications
FCC and CE standards in line with all-steel architecture
Driver Pre-3 5.25 "Drive location, a 3.5" Drive location,Hard drive can be more than
Cooling System
There are two front-end Cooling Fan, followed by a Power Supply Fan, 2 stamp machine( Optional)
Control Panel
Power Supply Switch / Reset Switch
Panel instructions
Power Supply LED / Hard drive LED
Black or White Optional
Size 545mm×426mm×176mm
Operating temperature 0℃-60℃
Relative humidity 5%-95%
Anti-vibration 5-15Hz,0.1"Double amplitude displacement,15-150HZ,1.5GAcceleration
Impact 10G
Collision Test Acceleration:150m/s,Pulse width 11ms
Apply Industrial ControlSystem, CTISystem platform, high-capacity DVR equipment
Industrial motherboard options
Industrial motherboard Industrial motherboard Configuration
NOVO-8945 Intel Pentium Iv series Processor, Support Dual-Core 心
NOVO-7945 Pentium IV/D,Core2/Intel 945GCChipset
NOVO-7865L Pentium IV/D,Core 2/ Intel 845GVChipset
NOVO-7845 Socket478 Pentium IV/ Intel 845GVChipset
NOVO-7910 Socket478 Pentium IV/ATI9100 IGPChipset
NOVO-7479 Socket479 Pentium M/Intel 865GVChipset
AIMB-865 LGA775 / Pentium 4 / Pentium D / Core Dual-Core Series Processor
Backplane Options
Floor Model Parameters
BP-14P6 Single System/6 ISA/6 PCI/2 PICMG/317mm×270mm
BP-14D4 Single System/1 ISA/4 PCI/4 PICMG/310mm×265mm
BP-14P4 Single System/8 ISA/4 PCI/2 PICMG/317mm×270mm
BP-15P12 Single System/12 PCI/3 PICMG/317mm×270mm
BP-10E5 Single System/4PCI/5PCI-E/PICMG1.3/323mm×271mm
Ordering information
Model Configuration
RPC-910 AT or ATX rear window rear window Optional / fully compatible with Industrial Motherboard and CPU Card
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